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Is smart door lock safe?


Security, the current door lock market, intelligent fingerprint lock is a high security and anti-theft door lock

Principle of fingerprint lock: Fingerprint lock the touch screen to extract the visitors after the fingerprint, the fingerprint information feedback will fingerprint lock the server, the server to mobilize various algorithms to analyze the fingerprint, and with it compare the user's fingerprint stored in the system, and then the comparison results are quantitative, above a certain value, if the similarity will think two fingerprints is the same, Return a consent instruction to open the door, otherwise refuse to open the door.

Fingerprint lock is an intelligent lock, which is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Fingerprint has become the most important evidence for identification and is widely used in criminal investigation and judicial field. Fingerprint authentication is convenient, fast, accurate and characteristic.

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