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Take you to appreciate the development process of smart lock


Is the so-called smart locks, electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative recognition technology (including the computer network technology, the built-in software card, network alarm, mechanical design of the lock body) integrated products, such as electronic combination lock research began in the 1930 s, has long been used in some special places.

Electronic locks have a large amount of key (password), which can be used in conjunction with mechanical locks and can avoid security risks caused by imitations of keys. Electronic locks only need to remember a set of passwords, and do not need to carry a metal key, eliminating the trouble of carrying a metal key, so more and more people appreciate.

After the 1980 s, with the emergence of application-specific integrated circuit for electronic lock, electronic lock smaller, improve reliability, high cost, is suitable for use in requiring higher security, and have power to provide energy, the use is limited in a certain range, difficult to popularize, so the study of it has been no significant progress. China began to explore the combination lock in the early 1990s.

So far, with the development of electronic technology and information technology, the technical field of electronic password lock has developed very mature. From the level of technology and market recognition in the early 20th century, the most widely used is the keyboard type electronic password lock, which is mainly applied to safe, safe and Treasury, and part of the application of safe box and armored car. In other technical areas there are remote control electronic password lock and card type password lock.
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