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Some Common Types of Smart Locks


1. Fingerprint lock

Fingerprint locks have become a popular choice in the home smart lock market, winning the favor of consumers for their security, convenience and stylish design. The market is mainly divided into two categories: semiconductor fingerprint locks and optical fingerprint locks. Semiconductor fingerprint locks are known for their high recognition rate, fast response, small size and excellent security; while optical fingerprint locks are favored for their mature technology and good scratch and pollution resistance. Many fingerprint locks also support multiple unlocking methods such as password, induction, and remote control to meet the needs of different users.

2. Electronic code lock

Electronic combination locks also have the characteristics of safety, convenience and fashion, but are more suitable for the younger generation because they are better at memorizing and operating passwords. For the elderly and children, forgetting passwords may be a problem. Electronic password locks usually use 12-digit or 6-digit passwords. The keyboard is designed with two modes: touch screen keys and physical keys, both of which support virtual input, effectively preventing the risk of passwords being peeped.

3. Induction lock

Sensor locks are more common in office buildings, community gatekeepers, apartments, hotels and other places, but are relatively rare in ordinary homes. Currently popular induction locks mainly use IC card technology. This kind of card can be encrypted and difficult to be copied, so it has high security. Many fingerprint locks and password locks on the market have integrated sensor lock functions, providing users with more unlocking options.

In addition to the above three types of smart door locks, there are other types of smart door locks on the market, such as face recognition door locks, pupil recognition door locks, and remote control door locks. Each of them has unique characteristics and advantages to satisfy different users. individual needs.

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